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Urmia the land of understanding, and peaceful living

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Urmia the land of understanding, and peaceful living

Urmia is one of the beautiful cities in Iran and is the center of west Azarbijan province and center of Urmia city town.

According to the statistic in 1385 number of population are 577307persons and these city towns consider as 10th populous city in Iran.

Urmia city town is located beside of Urmia azure lake.

This city town is limited from north to Salmas, from south to Nagadeh, fromeast to Urmia lake, from west to Turkey’s bound.

Some body’s believes that thiscity’s ancient name and its lake is Chechest or chista.

Syrian called itUromia, Armenians calledUrmie, Arabs called Urmieh, and Iranian calledUrmie.

Undoubtedly, thisregion is one of the backgrounds offormation the human culture.

Today there are signs that show the history of human life in this region was 5000 years ago.

This city because of a moderate weather and has beautiful landscape, is one of beautiful and tourism city in Iran.

One of civilly aspect about city is integration of different kinfolk in this city.

Living peoples in Urmia are Turkeys, Kurds, Ashore and Armenians’who living intimately and fraternal.

This kind of people gathering live is particular, and finding such kind of city in the other province is difficult.

Grape and apple are the main agricultural products in the Urmia.

Other cultural products are walnut, pumpkinseeds, sunflower seed, nectarine, cherry, peach, nectarine,and apricot.

Urmia, s important souvenirs are nogle walnut, nogle pussy willow, sweet paste willow.

The historical,beautiful,religiousplaces areUrmia jameh Masque,Sardar Masque,Three Domes building, Mother Mary church,Ashouri,    Marquecis,Madet Khaneh,Mardaniyal,MarsabrChurchs,and historical places are Hedayat, 22 Bahman school and other official places are Sherriff ,municipal, and staff buildings.

Abouthistoricalcastle, there are many castles for example:Burdock, Ismail Agha, and Dam-Dam.

Haroon and Maroon, Mirdavood, TamTameh are the names of caves in Urmia.

Furthermore, sport considers as the important cultural part of life in Urmia.

The volleyball is the favorite sport in Urmia city.

Men volleyball championship was held in 2010 in Ghadir six thousand person's complex. Eight super countries participated in competition and these countries were the eight superteams in Asia nation's competition.

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