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Finishing 4th Grape festival in Urmia

Monday, September 26, 2016

Finishing 4th Grape festival in Urmia

Governor - General of west Azerbaijan in 4th Grape finishing ceremony by addressing Mayer an efficient person said:

People's Participant in 4 th Grape festivals represents the Urmia municipal's desirable work.

According to the report of Urmia Municipal's public relations:

Gorban Ali Saadat in finishing 4th Grape ceremony said:Holding such festivals fill leisured time of families and cause happiness and exhilaration in society.

People's crowd in Grape festival means people's interest during the year and he emphasized its continuation.

He by calling Mayer an efficient person evaluated Urmia municipal's work desirable and asserted:

Which institutes have such capability and is able to make safe environment to make people happy and furthermore have touristic and economical insight.

Meanwhile Governor-General speeching in finishing 4th Grape ceremony by mention province's high capability in agriculture added:

Establish the agricultural town in province is an issues studying at present and toward it

Greenhouse cultivation and increase agricultural products

Should be considered too.

Saadat by saying this issues that every years this festival holds added:

I suggest beside of festival establish a technical and related committee of different institutes like jahad-agriculture, municipality, industry, mine,  commerce, commercial room and, orchardists union to solve available problems, and it will be effective in holding Grape festival.

Governor-General of West Azerbaijan by mention the unbalance market about supply and selling Grape emphasized:

Grape products shouldn't be sold with low benefits, or keep for long time. We are supposed to make balance between producer, converter, and consumer.

Saadat added:

West Azerbaijan Province is superior in agricultural products, and we should not only produce and export the Grape and, Apple products, but also pay attention to products which is useable in global markets.

West Azerbaijan's Governor-General by mention to problems in export the raisin to out of country added:

Produced Grape is in grade one level and raisin result of Grape is in 2nd grade.

About this issue supposed to have a comprehensive and operational management.

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