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Mayor of Urmia congratulates the "pen's Day

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Mayor of Urmia congratulates the "pen's Day

Mayor of Urmia by sending a massage congratulates the pen's day to cultural field actors.

According to the Public Relations Department of Urmia,

Message is as follows:

Swear to the pen and what it writes

Swear to the pen to express its greatness and eternity, so that everyone can observe the glorious manifestations of the Lord in the thoughts and current deliberation in the pen.

Swear to the pen which is higher than the blood of the martyrs, as it was said

,, pen of masters is supreme than martyrs, blood,,

What is good, the day when the reverence of pen and thought is celebrated and it is a commemoration of the creation of thought and thought by Allah.

The day of the pen is an excuse to be appreciated. It is a memory of the great value of men who have put intellect in the value of the pen and try to promote it in dear Iran.

The names of these dears be cherished, and the lights of their thoughts be always overwhelming.

Mohammad Hazratpour

دی ان ان