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Director of Urmia City’s Municipal public in cooperation & Investment organization

Monday, November 6, 2017

Director of Urmia City’s Municipal public in cooperation & Investment organization

Spiro's collaborative project has up to 30% physical progress

The director of the Urmia City Municipal public incorporation& Investment organization has paid attention to local and international approaches to participatory investments as part of the policies of Urmia Municipality investment field.


According to the Urmia Municipality's Communications and International department, Amir Ebrahimi Hashtroudi, head of the Urmia City Municipal Investment and Public Participation Organization said: Creating coherent mechanisms, expert review and the development of sustainable income sources through the pathology of economic activities, carrying out economical activities  in accordance with the status of citizens, formulating the framework of activities in various economic fields, and paying attention to native and, at the same time, international approaches to participatory investments are among the policies of Urmieh Municipality investment.

He by mention to the Spiro project and the executive process, said: "This project is based on the type of villa construction according to conventional urban incarnation models with a civil partnership, with Urmia municipality's share of the project is 27%."


He stated that at the present time 25 projects of the first phase of the project has been authorized to the investor, said: "This project is in a land with a half hectare and in one of the well-known areas of Urmia with a prospect of twenty five units of residential three floors and with the credit of over 90 billion rials is in construction.


Ebrahimi added:

With the completion of the phases of the first phase and the exploitation of it and the delivery of the contribution of the Urmia municipality, it will be possible to expand the scope of the project and continue the contract.


He by announce the progress of 30% of the implementation of the Spiro Partnership project said: The Spiro complex is among the few residential in cooperative projects that have received permission from the relevant organizations with legal status.


The director of the Urmia Municipality Investment and Partnership Organization expressed:

I am hopeful to the continuation of the project's operations will be accelerated by conducting prospective studies and removing existing obstacles.

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