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Starting 4th Grape festival in Urmia

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Starting 4th Grape festival in Urmia

Urmia Mayer in opening Grape festival said: 

In recent year, we have held several ceremonies in Urmia level and one of its result

Was making happiness, and succulence.

According to Urmia Municipality coordinator report:

Opening 4th Grape ceremony held by participant of state ,provincial officials, city management,

 people delegations in Parliament, and guests from adjacent countries in CHechst beach Mall.

He calls Export as a hidden purpose of festival and said:

We produce every year 286 Thousand Ton Grape, and by consider this issue we are in 2nd or 3rd

Level in Iran, and just 20 Thousand Ton Grape export.

Urmia Mayer asserts:

It means that diplomacy should activate market purpose, and provide suitable situation for consume

Grape ,and apple.

Hazrat Pour said:

We expect different educational organizations,  to cooperate with orchardist for packaging products to export.

Lack of suitable packaging is one of main problems that should be considered seriously.

He by mention the other hidden purpose about festival said:

Other purpose about festival is Tourism.

Urmia Mayer by mention the diverse cultural and dietary issues added:

These issues are suitable infrastructures that should be reinforced.

Hazrat Pour said:

Holding festivals and reinforcement cultures and capabilities make relation between generations,

And such issues is benefit for people.

Director General of Touristic and cultural heritage organization, of West Azerbaijan province in festival said:

Performance such cultural programs help to Azerbaijan branding, and introduction province capabilities to all over the country and other ones.

jabari Added: one of reasons that we couldn't introduce the province capability is lack of holding

 such Festivals.

 We can introduce province as one of important purpose for Tourism for country.

He emphezed:

Advertising discussion, and introduce province attractions consider as important agenda and all

executive organization should help.  

Jabari by mention the difference of 4th festival with last year's said:

This year we were host concurrently with holding 3rd years hand industrial ceremony.

30 provinces in 100 pavilions participated in festival and it was a blessed happening.

He added:

Tourists select our province because of its attract, so our duty is preservation and interdiction these attracts.

We want to transform ideas to product.

Nader Safarzadeh:

West Azerbaijan governor's general assistant by mention to newfound activates which has done said:

One of these festival purposes is transform Ideas to product.

He added:

Today we located in region where there are 18 concentrate and fruit juice factories in province.

There is one Million Tones capability about spring house ,and 10 Thousand Agriculture Engineers.

Safar Zadeh mentioned to this issue:

 By eliminate the sanctions, situation will be better, and asserted that:

 In last month's more countries president came to Iran.

System's will in this way is operating the capability.  Parliament represented a gift to government, and it was about approval budget that government is free about its use.

He said:

We have 3 useable airports for export agricultural product,and  ourpurpose is select the best method for supply products.

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