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Urmia Mayor saying about Grape festival purposes

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Urmia Mayor saying about Grape festival purposes

Urmia Mayer said: if we survey the long time purposes and results of festival, definitely towards indigenous product, will see attract investment, increase export, and also increase the revenue of people who earn their live hood by Grape garden.

Urmia municipal

According to Urmia municipal coordinator report:        

Mohammad Hazratpoor: stated that 4th Grape festival will be held from 13till 20 september for 8days.


He added: This festival is a response to demands and

 Wishes Urmia interested and cultured people to safeguard the  ancient customs, mores and it is the best opportunity for young generation to introduce with their real personality and also to show life style and condition of old people in this land and register it in exhibition format.


Urmia Mayor said: Introduce artists, member of cultures, manner  and introduce cultural product, marketing for them by this way and introduce  reputed people  to young generation  ,identify Urmia history ,and capability  in different cultural, hand and food industrial aspect are known as reasons of holding  Grape festival.


He continued:

Introducing Urmia as a Grape product of poles in states, identify it in regional, country and international level are the other main purposes of holding Grape festival.



Hazrat poor stating that: Introducing Urmia agriculture capability towards Grape produce makes domestic investor attraction.

He also affirms that attract investor to make convector industry and also packing are probably main economic purpose ,so that last year we were witness participant of Iraqi and Russian people in festival ,and this year try to distinct and plan ends of Grape products market .

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