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Urmia Mayor in finishing 4th Grape festival:

Monday, September 26, 2016

Urmia Mayor in finishing 4th Grape festival:

Grape festival attracted Iran peoples to Uremia's Grape.

Urmia Mayer in finishing 4thGrape festival mentioned to participant of 200 Thousand peoples in festival and said:

Grape festival attracted Iran peoples to Urmia's Grape.

According to Urmia municipality: Mohammad Hazrat Pour by mention to the forging countries

Guests from Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Italy, and German said:

We are hopeful that this year became witness to participant of forging countries investors and

be able to use this capability to devolve the province.

He by mention to this issues that 20 percent of visitors came from other provinces asserted:

This year festival in compare other ones had more participants and festival attracted regards to Urmia, s Grape.

Hazrat Pour:

Making exhilaration in machinery life is one of main purpose of this festival and said:

Machinery life make physical, and mind disease in housework women life and holding festival can solve many problems and make exhilaration in life.

Urmia Mayer by mention the opportunity for introduction Urmia people's custom in pick up stage said:

Grape products history related to past years and it shouldn't be forgotten, so this festival is a good opportunity for reviving this capacity.

Urmia Mayer reminded:

This work make serious support for orchardists and now every day 7 thousands Grape sells

In fruit selling center.

It is said to be: In this program in order to praise high position of parents and respect to old member of participant, washing foot as a custom was done by their 

children and also Urmia Mayer washed one of citizen feet.

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