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West Azerbaijan new Governor: I will care for indigenous forces, and avoid extremism.

Monday, November 6, 2017

West Azerbaijan new Governor: I will care for indigenous forces, and avoid extremism.

The Governor of the West Azerbaijan said: "I will avoid the indigenous forces, and I will avoid extremism.

According to the report of Communications department and International Affairs of the Urmia Municipality, Mohammad Mehdi Shahriari, the new Governor of the West Azerbaijan, at the meeting of the administrative council and the ceremony of reverence and introductionary of the governor, with the presence of the prime minster said: Certainly, my procedure in the province will be according to method of government." I will work according to the plans of the twelfth government.

He by mention to indigenous forces importance and avoid the extremism added: during the term of parliamentary representation, I had the same procedure and with all the political forces of my constituency, we worked well and succeeded.


Shahriari emphasized the necessity of increasing social investment as one of his main plans in West Azarbaijan province said: We should raise social investment and this social investment will be achieved with the participation of people in the affairs of the province. People’s participation causes, trust Public, political &economic security, economic stability, and investment growth, which will lead to social welfare and job creation.


The Governor of the West Azerbaijan declared the province as the most strategic province of the country, adding that the West Azarbaijan province is bordered by three foreign countries and has common border with these countries nearly 1,000 kilometers. This border is a big capital for the province and that is necessary to make the coordination, and interaction with all the forces and the directors and representatives of the province, take advantage of this opportunity for the border.


Shahriari mentioned to his experience during the ministry's period of service in forging minister affair added: During my term of office as the Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Frankfurt in German, I met with hundreds of German companies with good resources to invest. In the coming months, I will invite a number of these delegations to attend the West Azerbaijan Republic, as well as to negotiate with other foreign and European foreign investment committees.

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