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US sanctions threaten the health of Iranian citizens

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

US sanctions threaten the health of Iranian citizens

On the one hand, we are fighting against Cronavirus, and on the other hand, we are under the influence of US sanctions, and sanctions on the health sector must be omitted because it directly targets the health of Iranian citizens.

According to the Communications and International Affairs Department of Urmia Municipality

The meeting of the Assembly of Asian Mayors was held on a video conference

The meeting, which was attended by mayors of Asian cities and international organizations, discussed issues such as urban management, transportation, how to manage and fight against Covid19, urban tourism, and natural crisis management.

In this 6-hours video conference, Mohammad Hazratpour talked about various issues, such as continuing to fight against coronavirus and disinfecting  roads and public means of transportation, distributing masks, helping low-income groups, and the need to provide solutions in the field of urban economics.

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