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Speech of Mohammad Hazratpour, Mayor of Urmia

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Speech of Mohammad Hazratpour, Mayor of Urmia

The ancient land of Azerbaijan is one of the most historic and beautiful areas of Islamic Iran, which has a history of several decades and has a civilization of at least 9,000 years.

The hills, caves and ancient sites discovered in the corners of this landmark show a glorious and historic past.

 Urmia, as one of the most important cities of Azerbaijan and Iran, has always been considered by various civilizations, various historical ancient government, and each of them has emphasized that it has gained the area and made its cities and villages and use its golden soil and its geopolitical situation, so the ancient hills of several thousand years are just a leaf of the brilliant history of this land. These are included a 8,000-years-old hill in the Dol local, and a 5,000-years-old hill in Qoy Hills and tens of historic hills dating back to the age of three thousand.


In addition, in the recent period, this city has always been considered, and after the introduction of Islam, Iranians have so far been called one of the largest cities in Azerbaijan. In the recent centuries, especially from the Seljuk period to Qajar, works can be found in Urmia and there are very valuable buildings today in the city of Urmia, each of them is shining as a brilliant jewel on the pages of history. The Urmia Historical Market, Jame Mosque, Three Domes, Sardar Mosques, Hedayat& Ansari School and, ... can be considered as talents to attract tourists who are interested in historical buildings and cultural heritage.

On the other hand, the cultural and spiritual attractions of the city in turn can be attractive to tourists and provide a solution for the city's economic wheels. The Ashigi the only artistic record that has been nationally listed in the Intangible Cultural Index, and can be used to identify the Urmia as an artistic city.

 Urmia is beautiful and one of the city's most important capacities is development the ecotourism. Each season is eye-catching and every month can be a good place for tourism in the arena of nature.


From greenery gardens and the harvest season of the fruit to the snowy mountains, the capacity of the ski piste of khoshakoo, the mountains, lush meadows in the border areas and Marmisho Lake to Urmia Lake, are in an unpleasant situation. We hope that it passes soon, and it will be expedited.

Neighboring of West Azarbaijan province with three countries and adjacent to five countries is a huge capacity to develop the tourism industry and attract foreign tourists to this province and the city.  As a result of bringing exchange to our country, it must be tried to prepare suitable infrastructures by cooperation all department & institutions, and about the area's economy which relied on agricultural, because of it any change occurs , and by it we can also help the lake.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that Urmia has a lot of capacities, it has been neglected and we have not been able to introduce our capabilities in other provinces as well as other countries.

  To achieve this issue, at the first stage, prepare the infrastructure, and we hope to achieve it through the efforts of the responsible authorities and the cooperation of all officials.  Urmia Municipality has also made significant efforts in this area, which Urmia on 1404 horizon is one of these issue.

As previously mentioned, the Urmia is beautiful, and its kind people want to share these beauties with their guests, and with the warmth of their citizens, wait for their passenger's reception.

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