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Urmia Municipality action for selling 200 Tons of Apples per month

Monday, November 6, 2017

Urmia Municipality action for selling 200 Tons of Apples per month

 Provincial Farmers start selling their Products

The Mayor of Urumieh emphasized the export of western Azerbaijani grapes and apples and its marketing in global markets.

According to the director of Communications and International Affairs of the Urmia Municipality, Mohammad Hazratpour with the presence of Shahriimiz live radio program, by mention to the season for selling agricultural products such as apples and grapes in these days and how to sell and export it, said: unfortunately, today, the country's agriculture sector suffers from issues such as weakness in exports, accumulation of products at the time of sale, and the presence of brokers.


He further stated that according to forecasts this year, a million and 300 thousand tons of apples were produced in the province, saying that the amount of the product will be transferred to processing plants for processing, the rest for sale in the province and It is also exported from the province and countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and India.


He said: Considering that the Urmia municipality is responsible for the sale of agricultural products, it is planned that 200,000 tons of apples will be sold on the domestic and global markets each month.


Urmia mayor, criticizing the fact that it is time to sell agricultural products such as apples and these products are sold at the lowest prices, urged farmers to refrain from selling their products immediately, so that, according to the plans, their products will be gradually dispatched. The market will sell and its price will not drop sharply.

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