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Urmia 2020 is a step forward to introduce Urmia as the international tourism city

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Urmia 2020 is a step forward to introduce Urmia as the international tourism city

Member of the Islamic Council of Urmia said:

Urmia 2020 is a step forward for introducing Urmia as the international tourist city.

According to communication and international affairs of Urmia municipality:

Hossein Bakhshayeshi  by mention the Urmia plan is issued, expressed that

This plan’s implementation requires the efforts of all organization and offices to create infrastructure and to cultivate development projects in Urmia is 2020.

 He by mention to tourist’s attraction for Urmia city said; attracting tourists is a major task of the

Province’s cultural heritage and tourism, but the city council and the municipality have also done actions in order to expedite the process of development of the cultural heritage.

A member of the Islamic council of Urmia city, arguing that Urmia 2020 talks could lead to the emergence of the Urmia metropolis as an international tourism city, added that "Urmia 2020" has been discussed with various organizations and agencies.

He said: "In order to attract tourism in terms of sports, services and other infrastructure, various commissions are being formed that will enable us to finalize and implement plans in Urmia in 2020.

Bakhshayshi by expressing  effort to bring Urmia to the international tourism city has begun, said that achieving these programs and goals depends on the passage of time, so by passing time, the success rate will be determined.

He said: "Urban projects also have a major contribution to bringing Urmia city as an international tourism destination."

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