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4th Asian Mayors Forum     Haikou - CHINA


The 4th Asian Mayors Forum  was held in Haikou - CHINA with participation of more than twenty Asian Municipalities.

Urmia Municipality is one of the AMF members and Urmia Mayor, Mohammad Hazratpour accompany with the Municipality's managers have participated in this forum.

Mayor of Urmia made a speech about 10 minutes in the conference and the subject was about Innovative Economies:

                                            The Roles of Asian Cities and Local Governments  

The text of Urmia Mayor Speech : 



In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of the Two Worlds, and peace and blessings upon the greatest and trustworthy Messenger, and all the prophets and divine envoys.


Ladies and gentleman,  the Honorable Mayor of Haikou, Mr. Qiong Ni , the Secretary General of AMF, and dear Asian Mayors, thank you for hosting this conference. I'd like to offer my sincere gratitude to Dr. Ghalibaf, the founder of the Asian Mayors forum and also Mr. Sukhumbhand Paribatra, the governor of Bangkok for holding the unique third session of the forum two years ago. It is an honor to speak you today.



Cities facilitate creative thinking and innovation. High concentration of people in cities generates more opportunities for interaction and communication, unity between different cultures, promotes creative thinking and develops new ideas and technologies. Therefore, cities for provide more opportunities for making innovative economies, provide context for investors.


The most important aspects of innovation economy at this time are moving towards the investment by attracting internal and international entrepreneur.

One of most important characteristics that are essential role in community development, investment and effort in order to fulfill the economic boom of cities that has always been one of the main concerns of urban management.


Investment of  private sector and attract credit needs in areas such as the beautiful face of the city, tourist attraction, reduce environmental problems and management it, traffic management and transport and the like, which is highest used be considered in addition to revenue for municipalities, citizens also have the satisfaction.


With the pursuit of development and encourage investors, municipalities are able to fulfill their long-term goals and the development of more and better services to citizens take great strides and do the great  work and services.

Today, I can dare say Urmia City as one of the small Asian cities is in the direction of innovative economy to contrive internal and international investment opportunities.

Urmia Municipality and council by exertion of elite and scientific professionals and by available potential for investment opportunities has contrived for attract the internal and International Investors.

Urmia is a city of three thousand years of civilization which citizens with unity and harmony of different religions live under the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Urmia the central city of West Azerbaijan province located on the route of Caucasia to Mesopotamia is a sub branch of Silk Road. It is a few kilometers from four countries: Armenia , Azerbaijan Republic, Iraq and Turkey, The city has a climate with four seasons and tourist attractions including a ski resort and by growing a variety of crops ready to attract internal and International entrepreneurs.


We will be a good, active partner for international organizations, and all international companies that are interested in running new modern projects in historical progressing cities.


We hope that this conference be a good opportunity to exchange investment experiences between all members for common projects and participation.


In conclusion, I would like to sincerely appreciate all colleagues and friends, particularly Mr. Khodadadi Secretary-General, and the mayor of the beautiful city of Haikou, and all individuals who have gathered here towards a common goal. I hope we meet soon in our city of Urmia.




                                                                                      Thanks  – Mohhamad Hazratpour

                                                                                              Mayor Of Urmia




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