City ( Shahr ) BANK

توسط : Editor|Monday, September 1, 2014

 City ( Shahr ) BANK


Mayor of Urmia, was named as chairman of West Azerbaijan province City (Shahr) Bank

In the cooperation meeting between City Bank’s managers , Islamic City Council members, Urmia mayor and deputies of Urmia municipality, was held in Chichest village that they discussed on financial capacity and the service of City Bank’s specialist company.

In this meeting, Urmia mayor, was named as chairman of West Azerbaijan province City ( Shahr ) Bank.

With the signing of bilateral agreements between City Bank and Urmia municipalities, service between parties and citizens is increased to develop and exploit Bank customers.

Hossein Mohammadpour Zarandi, direct manager of City Bank, said city council and Urmia municipality could have good cooperation as regarding the developing the city in the last years.

He added, today we need financial support for developing the City Bank and because of this Urmia municipality is the proper sponsor and City Bank is ready to give a special service to citizens.

At the end of meeting, was signed the cooperation agreement between City Bank, Islamic City Council and Urmia Municipality for servicing the economic capacity to citizens.


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