Geographic Conditions of the Province


Including Urmia Lake and with an area of 43,660, West Azerbaijan province is located in the northwest of Iranian plateau, and constitutes 2.25% of total area of the country.

It is located at 35.58 degrees north latitude and 39.46 degrees east longitude. This province had been under of Tits Sea in Cenozoic.

On that period many great changes occurred in the earth’s crust, and mountain maker moves and severe volcanic actions caused high mountains of Arart, Caucasian, Zagross, Sabalan, Sahand and finally, Azerbaijan plateau shaped.

West Azerbaijan is one of the most beautiful and pleasant climate areas of Iran, enjoying vast and fertile plains, high mountains, mild and healthy weather, rivers, fertile vineyards, fruit gardens, luxuriant forests and meadow, the plains and ranges covered by wild flowers and the azure lake.

The population of the province is about 2496000. 1315000 urban and 1181000 rural. This province includes 14 townships, 35 districts and 109 villages. Urmia is a center of the province and its townships are: Naqadeh, Mahabad, Oshnovieh, Sardasht, Piranshahr, Boukan, Miandoab, Takab, Shahindej, Khoy, Salmas, Chaldoran and Maku.

Most of the people are Moslem, Shiite or Sunnite and are Turkish, Azeri or Kordish speaking, but other people speak in Assyrian or Armenian languages.


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